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Good Night SMS, Sweet Dreams SMS

sleepy SMS for a sleepy person
from a sleepy frnd
for a sleepy resn
at a sleepy tym
on D sleepy day
in a sleepy mood
to say please sleep
gud night

Welcome 2
Radio Bed FM
This is DJ Bedsheet
Hangin Out With Dj Pilow
4 Nw I’l Play U A Song
Sleep Tight Dozn Ov
Swit Drmz 4m d Album
Good Night
Njoy d Song

*Warm Pillow
*Hot blanket
*Soft Bed
*Sweet Dreams
*Sound Sleep

May ur
Salty n Crispy Night
b Peppered wid Spicy Luv
May Ü Smile in Lemon Munlite
Dream on Strawberry Fields
Under a Vanilla Razai
Have A Yummy Yummy Nite !

Night Is A Theater,
Dream Is A Movie,
God Is The Director,
Nature Is The Producer,
U R The Hero, "Enjoy"
The Night With Sweet Dreams

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good night sms